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What advisors have said about our Events.

"Your seminar confirmed that I'm going in the right direction with my practice. That night I described my services in terms of your Process to a difficult client. The result was surprising, she immediately saw the value I was delivering and bought into my whole approach & services."

"Your Event caused my partner and me to examine our practice in a different way. We are rethinking how our practice is organized. I've been in this profession for many years and was thinking of retiring. However, after your seminar we're restructuring our business and starting afresh."  

"After 20 years of attending various education conferences and seminars this was the first session I've seen that brought together all the important tools used by financial planners to help their clients, and then presented them in a logical and cohesive fashion. The facilitator did a tremendous job of getting everyone involved and holding our interest throughout. This must have been particularly challenging because I recognized many participants and know them to be seasoned professionals."

Yes, you can work less and earn more. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the profession, or a seasoned veteran. We can increase your ROI as well as your Return On Life™ (ROL).

The Difference is Process . . . Process is the key. You can benefit from Process because it is the critical element that increases profitability in wealth management. Marketing, knowledge and technology are important, but not enough. They must be linked into a single comprehensive process.

Our Events run from 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on the venue and introduce you to the award-winning Wealth Enhancement Process® financial advisory model. It works: Advisors who use the Wealth Enhancement Process® report outstanding results.

During these fast-paced Events you will learn how you can profit from the Wealth Enhancement Process®. Advisors have told us that the Events themselves are very valuable. You will learn 10 Diamonds, mined from our 2.5-day Workshop, which you can use immediately to enhance the value you deliver to your clients. The Events are interactive sessions, designed to deliver immediate value to you.

  • Find out how advisors who use the Wealth Enhancement Process® learned to double, or triple their revenues on a consistent basis.

  • Create meaningful client development processes that result in profitable meetings between you, your prospects and your clients.

  • Discover how to have prospects, or current clients, engage you to provide solutions.

  • Develop a money-making process out of compliance drudgery. See how something as simple as Investment Policy Statements can lead to increased investment assets.

  • Capture 100% of your clients’ investable assets.

  • Learn how to create insurance “prescriptions” that your clients take to solve problems.

  • See how you can transition your practice to fee-based without taking a drop in income.

  • Deploy simple mechanisms to generate the right volumes of the right referrals.

We deliver our Events a few different ways:

  1. Open Events where you register for the next available session

  2. Branch, firm, or special Events at your site

  3. Special meetings, professional development meetings

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