What People Are Saying 

"The Academy's Wealth Enhancement Process® is one of the most comprehensive advisory models I've seen. There is no question, embracing their process is a great step towards overcoming the challenges facing financial advisory professionals."

- Julie Littlechild-President, Advisor Impact


“Your seminar confirmed that I’m going in the right direction with my practice. That night I described my services in terms of your Process to a difficult client. The result was surprising, she immediately saw the value I was delivering and bought into my whole approach & services.”

"Your 2-Hour Event caused my partner and me to examine our practice. We are rethinking how our practice is organized. I’ve been in this profession for many years and was thinking of retiring. However, after your seminar we’re restructuring our business and starting afresh.”

"After 20 years of attending various conferences and seminars this was the first session I’ve seen that brought together all the important tools used by financial planners to help their clients, and then presented them in a logical and cohesive fashion. The facilitator did a tremendous job of getting everyone involved and holding our interest throughout. This must have been particularly challenging because I recognized many participants and know them to be seasoned professionals.”


"The Wealth Enhancement Process has helped us ground our practice with a comprehensive system that standardizes our interactions with all clients. The Process helps us, and our clients, identify their goals and aspirations, and to put in place the actions that will move them from where they are now, to where they want to be. This helps us create tremendous leverage within our business.

The Wealth Enhancement Process guarantees that we follow the same process with each client. This makes us a much more efficient and professional financial planning firm. I'm confident that with this structure in place we can respond to almost any change in the regulatory environment or professional standards.

We have also experienced significant new business as a result of the Wealth Enhancement Process. Through the Academy's engagement process we have uncovered over $1.5 million in new investment assets from my existing clients. Also the end result is not simply monetary, the end result is the client engaging me to help them solve their problems. I become the client's trusted advisor.

- Don Kelly, BSc CLU CFP CH.F.C - Collingwood, Ontario

"This was by far the most invigorating and influential workshop I've ever taken. The Wealth Enhancement Process® Action Plan was the crowning glory. We are working at implementing our Action Plan and know this will help us to increase the value we deliver to our clients as well as staying on track with the Process®."

We know the Wealth Enhancement Process® Workshops are unique and powerful. Our clients have confirmed this as well. Here's what some participants said about the value of the Workshop.

"The first morning back in the office after your workshop my partner took a page from your workbook, photocopied it, and worked through the process with a client. The results were immediate and tangible. We are very impressed, thank you."

"As a wholesaler I speak with advisors daily and have found that most advisors provide only the products they are comfortable with, therefore the clients miss out on valuable pieces of the financial pie. This is partly due to fears of entering into an area they may know little about, e.g. disability insurance or critical needs, and partly due to the fact that no one out there is teaching them how to approach their clients with these other pieces of the financial pie."

"After spending this time in your workshop, I see how the Wealth Enhancement Academy has developed a simple, easy and comfortable method of approaching the subject. The best part is the client is expecting it! There were lots more great ideas taught in your course and many of them I found I can apply to my position here that will give me a more professional appeal as a wholesaler."

"Your workshop gave me a totally new view of the industry and has caused me to totally reevaluate my practice. There is no question that our profession needs your help. Your curriculum is unique because you can tell it is developed by practicing financial advisors who have been around the block!"


"There are seminars, books, tapes and many opinions on how to structure your financial practice, some free some costly. I have almost all of them, not to mention the time I have spent going to seminars trying to put it all together. (I think I may have a free set of ginseng knives!) The coaching from the Wealth Enhancement Academy has been invaluable. Using the techniques from the coaching program I am starting to emerge from the valley of despair that I was feeling after a major transition in my business. Their help in defining my services, and putting in place a structure, has simplified my practice and as well as made it manageable. The positive support and processes that I have received from the Wealth Enhancement Coaching team is enabling me to structure my practice so I have more time for me, which was one of my major goals when I first started the program. In the Wealth Enhancement Academy's terms, I'm increasing my Return On Life (TM)!"

- Mary Thorpe, CFP, FCSI, President, Greater Hamilton Chapter, Advocis

What a great time to be a financial planner. There are new regulations and professional standards that are continually raising the bar, which helps our clients to see us as the professionals we are. The Academy's coaching program has helped me implement processes to meet and exceed these stringent professional standards. As a result, I am able to focus on creating high value client experiences. 

I'm now actually profiting from all this change. My practice now has the strategies and structure in place creating a sustainable and profitable environment. I no longer have to worry about where these professional changes are heading because with the Academy's help, I have the process in place to adapt.

The coaching program has held me accountable to implement the things I need in my business to be profitable. My business has increased dramatically over the past year and the great thing is, that I'm more relaxed than I've ever been in the past. I've totally embraced the Academy's engagement process. At the end of my client meetings the natural next step is to just start. No selling is required. The client engages me!

Oh yeah, one more thing, my referrals have gone through the roof, people are calling me out of the blue!

- Kevin Dopko, MBA, CFP, FMA, FCS

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