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The People at the Wealth Enhancement Academy®

John Page, CFP, R.F.P., President, founded the Wealth Enhancement Academy® to teach financial advisors the Wealth Enhancement Process® financial advisory model. This award-winning model increases the Return On Life™ of both the client and the advisor and goes well beyond current trends such as 'life management'.

The Wealth Enhancement Process® model represents years of development and proven processes that help advisors increase their revenues and develop long-lasting client relationships. Since the inception of the Rogers Group's, Advisor of the
Year awards, 50 per cent of the top awards in Ontario have been awarded to advisors who follow the Wealth Enhancement Process® financial advisory model.
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John holds the CFP and R.F.P. designations, is a practicing advisor and President of Page and Associates. He is co-author of The Canadian Retirement Guide (Canada) and The Retirement Guide (United States) and is a sought-after speaker. John and his colleagues at the Academy also co-authored the Advocis Best Practices Manual. John has a passion for teaching others and has mentored many Top of The Table producers and leading investment advisors.
He and his colleagues deliver the Academy's two-and-a-half-day workshops, events and coaching programs.

Lynne Myles, CFP, is responsible for program development at the Academy. Lynne has more than 20 years experience in financial planning, which includes being a practicing advisor. She can transform “sales” and financial planning concepts into easy-to-use processes that illustrate how concepts work and why they are important. Lynne has an in-depth background teaching one-on-one financial planning, and in groups both domestically and internationally.

Lynne is a key facilitator in the Wealth Enhancement Academy’s flagship
2.5-day Wealth Enhancement Process® Workshop. Lynne is a key figure in the Academy’s coaching program as well as being responsible for the overall development of the Academy’s programs. Lynne holds the CFP designation.

Matthew Asser, BSc, MTI, CIM, FCSI, CFP. Matthew is enrolled in a Master of Distance Education program, progressing toward a thesis in coaching psychology, the design of coaching programs, and distance delivery of process and software education. As a result of focusing on this important program Matthew has withdrawn from day-to-day management in the Academy. He remains active on the Academy’s advisory board.

His responsibilities included general management, marketing and program delivery for the Academy. With more than 20 years professional experience that includes being a trust officer, branch manager, compliance officer and sales manager, Matthew understands the challenges facing financial advisors today. He holds a BSc in Environmental Science & Economics.

Matthew facilitated the Academy’s flagship 2.5-day Workshop, as well as delivered the Wealth Enhancement Process® 2-hour Events. He also coached the Academy’s clients and provided strategic and business direction for the firm. Matthew can be reached at (905) 213-4714.

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