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The Rationale Behind the Wealth Enhancement Process®

An Award-Winning Process Designed to Increase Your Revenues

Our Wealth Enhancement Process® was pioneered by successful fee and commission planners. It is used daily as the key point of differentiation in a profession that is fast becoming a commodity. The results are truly stunning. This client-centric approach delivers a high level of client satisfaction that rewards the advisor with increased business. Advisors can learn to double or triple their revenues on a consistent basis. There is tangible proof that the Wealth Enhancement Process® works.

The Wealth Enhancement Process® can be fully integrated into your branch or practice. You might have excellent training or processes in some, or all of the 8 steps. However in our experience not everyone has integrated all 8 into a fully functioning Wealth Engagement Process®. Our program is designed to show you how to link them into a single comprehensive process.

Solve Your Clients' Problems

Advisors who solve their clients’ problems will be rewarded. Academic and industry studies & analysis prove that a robust wealth management platform is the best way to serve your clients. Our Wealth Enhancement Process® will:

  • Increase assets under administration and insurance implementation;

  • Cement client loyalty; and

  • Create raving referrals and clients for life.

The Wealth Enhancement Academy provides a simple wealth management model that helps advisors do just that. We deliver the Process, Knowledge, Tools & Technology to create a Wealth Enhancement Practice™.

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