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The people who support Financial Advisors through the program
Presidents, Managing Directors, Partners, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Planners and Brokers
Financial Planners talk about the Wealth Enhancement Process
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Who Should Attend The Events and Workshops

The 2-hour Events and 2.5-day Workshops are closely related. What you will discover at the event is our proven, and award-winning Wealth Enhancement Process® financial advisory model. During this fast-paced event we explore 10 Diamonds mined from our workshop. The workshop then delves into the details of how to create wealth enhancement for your clients (and consequently yourself).

So who should attend? What we know to be true is that our event participants and workshop clients represent a broad spectrum of financial professionals—from seasoned industry veteran to new graduates. All our clients however share a common characteristic—they are all forward thinking. If you consider yourself open to new ideas, and are willing to examine your business in new ways, then our events and workshops are for you.

Company Presidents, Managing Directors and Partners of dealers, financial planning firms, and managing general agencies
Functional heads of sales, marketing, compliance, and human resources. Also branch managers, national sales and marketing managers
Senior, well-established financial advisors who are seeking greater efficiencies and Return on Life™ (ROL)
Insurance advisors who are working towards increasing their service offering and gaining investment assets
Planners who recognize the need to include insurance strategies in their financial plans
All independent advisors who want to enhance their fee revenue
Brokers who are allowed to create and express their own entrepreneurial style
To increase practice efficiency we recommend associate advisors and financial planning assistants attend

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