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2.5 Day Workshops - From Discovery to Action Plan in 12 Modules

We teach the Wealth Enhancement Process® (WEP) financial advisory model. The WEP directly addresses the challenges facing advisors by incorporating a wealth management process, advisor education, as well as the use of technology to make the process effective. It is this combination of Process, Knowledge, Tools & Technology that makes the WEP so effective. In fact, many advisors who learn the Wealth Enhancement Process® will have the potential to double or triple their revenues on a consistent basis.

The 2.5-day Workshop is designed to teach you to focus on what's important to you. We have created an easy-to-implement model to drive your profitability up. More specifically, the possible outcomes of the program will help you to:

  • Understand the current industry and regulatory challenges;

  • Identify your ideal client profile;

  • Learn how to discover everything about your clients so you can provide the appropriate advice;

  • Expand your services so you can provide solutions for all your client's needs. This includes advice on investments, insurance, estate planning, cash and tax management;

  • Create a problem-solving approach to client relationships as opposed to "selling them a product";

  • Discover the importance of Engagement Agreements and how to use them as a practice foundation;

  • Deliver comprehensive planning covering all disciplines, or comprehensive, modular plans;

  • Provide comprehensive wealth management for your clients without spending hours and hours behind a computer screen. We've made it very easy for you. Please see "PlanPlus" below;

  • Have your clients focus on your overall service rather than just on investment performance. This is important for the client to help alleviate potentially harmful rash decisions;

  • Increase your personal satisfaction with the work you are doing; and

  • Identify transition methods to enhance your current offering or move to where you want (or need) to go.

Much of what advisors learn at many workshops and conferences is lost. We don't let that happen. We will help you to create a definitive plan to implement what matters most in your practice.

At the end of 2.5-days you will have a definitive action plan to implement the Wealth Enhancement Process® in your practice to realize your desired outcome.


We can help you with your Tools & Technology. We partner with PlanPlus, which is a leading provider of wealth management solutions to financial services firms worldwide. Their approach is based on 15 years of experience in delivering personal financial planning and investment advisory software tools. We work closely with PlanPlus in the development of their financial planning reports and plans. The financial plans generated by PlanPlus map beautifully into the Wealth Enhancement Process® financial advisory model. This helps our clients to build out their Tools & Technology to support the Wealth Enhancement Process®.

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